The film discussion began a few years ago, in the milking parlor of the Woodard Farm during evening chores. George Woodard (film director and co-writer) began to discuss a story idea with Gerianne Smart (film producer and co-writer) while the two worked between the cows. The story, which had lived for a while in George’s head and was loosely written on various paper towels in the barn (used to wipe "teat dip" off of the udders the cows), suddenly began to take shape. 

Formal writing ensued, and after many drafts and rewrites, six months later, filming began. Two years after the first shout of “action," the makers are editing the film for submission to festivals.   In the spirit of "true" independent filmmaking, the filmmakers asked a great deal of everyone involved — from acting talent, to homes and property, antique vehicles, farm equipment and set design elements…all for the promise of "on-the-job-learning," having some fun and being fed stoutly sized bologna sandwiches and home-made macaroni and cheese. 

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