Walter Hacks  ~  Henry Woodard
Clifford Hacks  ~  Matthew Woodard

Margaret  ~  Francesca Blanchard

John  ~  John Kiedaisch

Evelyn  ~  Laura Raynor

Ada  ~  Jennifer Blanchard

Mrs. Bailey  ~  Ramona Godfrey

Mr. Smart Guy   ~  William Pelton

Milk Truck Driver  ~  Robert Nuner

Eddie  ~  Ian Bouchette

Farmer Palmer  ~  David Graves
Farmer Damn  ~  Robert Brody

Mabel  ~  Marilyn Skoglund

Bob  ~  Daniel Luce

Teacher  ~  Danielle Sertz
Pastor  ~  Andrew Clark

Pa Hacks  ~  George Woodard

Stage Manager  ~  Roger Hamel
Backstage Manager  ~  Ginger Pierce

The Radio Man  ~  Mark Roberts

Emcee  ~  Dana Jewell

Contest Judges
John Dunn

Roland Lajoie

Sahra Aschenback

Cowboy Band
Danny Coane

Billy Brachard

Tony Washburn

Allen Church

Franklin Heyburn

Pete Sutherland

Roger Perrault

Jean-Paul Lague

Avery Howe

Marc Gregoire

Lee Deyette

Adam Boyce

Martin Davis

Carmen Trombley

School Children 
Nick Espey

Owen Spence

Colleen McCarthy

Phoebe Plank

Judith (Jay) Lindner

Barbara Emerson

Emma Peterson
Ken Wolvington
Rozanne Hickey




WALTER HACKS (Henry Woodard) is an imaginative, "westerns-soaked" 11 year-old boy, who has no idea he is at the edge of some enormous responsibilities. Playing the hero—as well as the fiddle—Walter navigates between wonder and confusion, hit by waves of the seemingly random instabilities swirling in the worlds around him.

CLIFFORD HACKS (Matthew Woodard) is Walter’s older brother. Seemingly brooding and distant, Clifford is naturally protective of Walter. At the same time Clifford struggles to be strong in the face of some enormous challenges. He loves his brother Walter and would do anything to keep things together, if only he knew how


MARGARET (Francesca Blanchard) is a member of Walter’s school classroom. They become fast friends and begin an adventurous summer—riding through the fields and dirt roads of the town on their bikes, taking in the occassional classic Western movie, and interacting with some unforgettable characters. Margaret is Walter's bona fide "side kick"...the long suffering "Shorty" to Walter's cowboy-hero aspirations.


JOHN (John Kiedaisch) is the local farm machinery repairman and machinist. His shop is in the middle of the transition from farm machinery pulled by horses to gas powered tractors and hay equipment. Walter, insatiably curious, spends a lot of time at John's shop—and has a knack for mechanical things. Soon, John hires Walter to help meet the growing need for farm equipment repair...


EVELYN (Laura Raynor) has been away from the town for years and suddently, unexpectedly returns. Her time away hasn't changed the townfolk's opinion of her. Evelyn stays in town briefly—leaving as unexpectedly as she arrived. A stranger to Walter, Evelyn doesn't know what to make of this young cowboy, his bike or his determination.


MRS. BAILEY (Ramona Godfrey - left) runs the local grain store. A tough business woman who tries to give others the benefit of the doubt, she never sees what the boys are hiding. 

ADA (Jennifer Blanchard - right) runs the diner in town. It is a local gathering place where people discuss their differences over coffee.  She lives upstairs with her daughter Margaret. 


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